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Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique is a practice that  explores the student’s range of awareness, patterns of thought and movement and the assumptions or ideas about the self that limit the student’s full range of choices (whether  in physical action or in conscious thought). The fundamental belief of the Alexander Technique is that the human system is designed to operate perfectly in space with gravity on the surface of the Earth.

Our freedom is in our very design. However, over time, our patterns and ideas (whether conscious or unconscious) can begin to interfere with the natural use of the system as it is designed. This can create pain, tension, confusion, a sense of powerlessness, of the inability to change, of limitations and lack of choice in how we live, both in our bodies and our conscious thoughts.

The goal of the Alexander Technique is to give students the tools to broaden their field of awareness beyond the habitual. This way, students can become aware of the expansive range of choices that are readily available to them in each given moment, allowing students to have the power to consciously choose how to use their bodies and thoughts to meet their needs efficiently, with ease and with the great joy that comes of using yourself the way you were designed. 

Holly Cinnamon

Holly Cinnamon trained in the Boston Conservatory Alexander Technique Teacher Training program run by Debi Adams. She has interned with Tommy Thompson at the Alexander Technique Centre in Cambridge and assistant taught with Belinda Mello at the Barrow Group Theatre in NYC.

She currently teaches private lessons and group classes for actors at the Balance Arts Centre in Manhattan. Her article “The Disappearance of the Third Dimension” will be appearing in the next ExChange, the journal of Alexander Technique International. Holly is also an actor, writer, musician and yoga teacher. Born and raised in Edmonton, she is excited to be back at home to give back to this community through her teaching! 

The teacher uses language and touch to communicate new possibilities to the student so that the student is empowered to discover and rediscover the choices they have of who they become in each new moment. Change can happen over time or it can happen instantaneously - that’s up to you! 


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  • $40 / 90 mins 

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