What is healthy movement?

Healthy movement is enjoying a full range of motion with strong muscular balance. It is efficiently loading and transferring the weight of our body, and moving without pain. Healthy movement is determined by the capacity, range, and quality of movement we perform, including how we sit, stand, walk, run, lift, carry, bend, and sleep. This is also known as 'body mechanics'. 

Muscles move our joints and maintain our posture. Over time the lack of movement, poor posture, and injury changes our body mechanics, often robbing us of the fuller range and quality we once possessed. Experiencing muscular or joint pain can cause compensation patterns, leading to poorer posture, misalignment, muscle imbalance, and chronic pain.

Muscles thrive from movement and physical stress. It's when poor posture, technique, and muscular imbalance occurs that muscles overcompensate in some areas and under-performance in others - they cannot endure, rebound, and rebuild when under a clenching or inactive state of stress. Correcting the body mechanics of someone addresses the correction and prevention of problems associated with posture, coordination, resilience, and endurance.


New Client Introductory

  • $65 / 75 mins

Follow Up Appointments

  • $65 / 60 mins
  • $80 / 75 mins

Package Pricing (60 mins)

  • $175 / 3 Sessions
  • $275 / 5 Sessions

15 minute Add-On

  • $20 / 15 mins

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Meet our Corrective Yoga iNSTRUCTOR

How does Corrective Yoga Work?

Corrective yoga helps to re-pattern your body mechanics from the deepest sections of your musculature using a corrective method of yoga. Corrective means addresses poor form and technique. Through the assessment process, and ongoing muscle testing, the aim is to achieve maximum efficiency and to limit risk of physical stress or injury.

Corrective Yoga therapy addresses compensation patterns and under-performing areas of the musculature system. It is designed to help people get back into a physical activity, to learn how to move safely and sustainably to avoid injury, but also resolve the one they have. 

It is a practice for mindful movement and strength training. It works by directly accessing the muscular feedback from your body (through muscle testing for weakness), and using yoga postures to adjust the load applied to muscles in order to build strength, coordination, balance and flexibility.

Working one-on-one with our instructor, you will learn how to correctly use yogic postures to reduce muscle strain and over-compensation. You will become aware of hold you over strain your muscles, where you over exert yourself during movement, and how to efficiently move your body and use energy.

Corrective Yoga therapy is an incredible resource for learning about your own body. It helps people feel confident and in control again - they learn how it feels like to move their body in a safe and healthy way again. This knowledge - when acquired - can be applied time and time again, for the rest of life. That's what we facilitate at Reset Wellness, long lasting results and an empowered state of being, with personal responsibility and knowledge for self care for all our clients.

This mindful practice will help you heal your body by providing the fundamentals of healthy movement patterns through yoga. Once your body releasing itself, you will regain proper posture and normal range of motion in all other movement patterns. What is learned in your private sessions can be applied in your day to day life, your home yoga practice, and any yoga class you attend. 

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