What is healthy movement?

Healthy movement is enjoying a full range of motion with strong muscular balance - it’s moving without pain! Healthy movement is achieved by the types movement and the appropriate adjustments we can apply to reduce compensations, including how we sit, stand, walk, run, lift, carry, bend, and sleep. Also known as 'body mechanics'. 

Muscles move the joints and maintain posture. Over time with repetitive strain and injury, changes in our body mechanics can occur. Experiencing muscular or joint pain is an example of when movement has become unsustainable. Poor movement patterns cause compensations leading to poor posture, misalignment, muscle imbalance, and chronic pain.

Muscles thrive on the stress of movement and exercise! It's when they cannot endure, rebound and rebuild efficiently that a once healthy stress becomes unbearable and detrimental! Correcting the body mechanics of your body allows for the correction and prevention of future problems!


New Client Introductory

  • $65 / 75 mins

Follow Up Appointments

  • $65 / 60 mins

  • $80 / 75 mins

15 minute Add-On

  • $20 / 15 mins

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Meet our Corrective Yoga Teacher

How does Corrective Yoga Work?

Corrective yoga helps to re-pattern body mechanics from the deepest sections of muscles using methods to correct postures and ‘loading’ of muscles. Corrective yoga means addressing poor form and technique with traditional yoga postures!

Corrective Yoga therapy applies assessments to uncover compensation patterns and addresses them with movement. Learn how to move safely and in a sustainable way to avoid future preventable injury, and resolve poor habits now!

Become connected to yourself and build on your capacity with a mindful movement practice. The aim is to help you understand how you’re currently moving your body, what is causing pain, and how to make adjustments to stop the pain while increasing your strength and flexibility.

Appointments are private 1-to-1 sessions where you can learn how to use yoga postures to improve your own practice, whether at home or in a class. You’ll learn how to allocate the precious energy of your muscles to get the most out of your body!

Corrective Yoga helps people feel confident and in control again - they learn how it feels to move their body in a safe and healthy way! It’s a valuable practice for post injury / surgery, too. Enjoy rehabilitating your body with the guidance of our skilled teacher for long lasting results!

Our aim is to help you regain good posture and a normal range of motion. What’s learned in the private appointments can be applied in everyday life - a little bit of self awareness and knowledge can help you understand yourself and your body in a big way! Feel good in your body again!

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