Manual Osteopathy

The study of alignment and structure, Manual Osteopathy uses joint mobilization, myofascial release, and soft tissue manipulation to unwind the body and calm the nervous system.

The therapist assesses areas of compounded tension, weaknesses, and adhesions to treat a variety is issues like joint and muscle pain, neural and organ dysfunction, limited range of motion, circulatory and postural problems, and digestive issues.

This gentle therapy was developed to treat the body as a whole, and an area with symptoms is tested for full body interaction and integration. 


Initial Consultation and First Session

  • 1 hour  $125                

Regular ongoing sessions

  • 45 minutes  $95              
  • 1 hour  $125

Appointment add-on

  • 15 minutes  $35

Prices exclude GST

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Meet Our Manual Osteopath

  Nancy storr, DOMP , chronic pain & injury specialist

Nancy storr, DOMP, chronic pain & injury specialist

Booking Policy: You are required to provide a credit card number when booking an appointment. Please refer to our Booking and Cancellation Policy for more information.

How Does it Work?

In practice a manual osteopathic practitioner will assess the whole body as a unit and not just the area that is causing symptoms. For example if you may complain of knee pain, the manual osteopathic practitioner will assess the function of the knee but also look for any compensations within the body that are a result or a cause of any dysfuntion in the knee.
Once the manual osteopathic practitioner has assessed the whole body they will use a combination of techniques such as joint articulation, myofascial release, visceral manipulation, and cranial sacral techniques, as appropriate for each individual. The result is that the knee will have less stress placed upon it, allowing for healing and a decrease in pain, while also improving the functional biomechanics throughout the body which may improve that difficult digestion and decrease those headaches that seemed to have nothing to do with the knee pain.


Manual Osteopathy is covered by most insurance companies. Check with your provider to see if your plan covers it. Insurance companies do not offer the option of direct billing for Manual Osteopathy at this time.

Currently insurance companies are not offering Direct Billing for Manual Osteopathy. For information about DIRECT BILLING, visit this page.

Please note our Booking and Cancellation Policy before booking your appointment.

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