therapy for wellness

Our world is becoming faster and schedules do not often allow for dedicated time to sit and evaluate your life.  Sometimes giving yourself that dedicated time can make your life run even smoother.

Some concerns you may have had for some time, while others could be due to a recent life event.  You may want help for a specific event such as a public speech or performance. Some other possible concerns could be related to: anxiety, depression, coping skills, grief or loss, interpersonal/intrapersonal conflicts, or decision-making. Sometimes you may feel that you just do not feel the same way you used to and cannot think of why that may be. These are all great reasons to talk to a therapist.

meet our psychologist

Angela das,  Registered Provisional Psychologist

Angela das, Registered Provisional Psychologist

Angela is a Registered Provisional Psychologist who has experience working with many varied concerns.  She has a passion for health and wellness and is motivated to help each client reach his/her/their own best potential.  


  • Give you new tools for coping with challenges in your life

  • Help you gain insight into unhelpful behaviours

  • Learn how to pave a path towards your goals

  • A safe place to discuss concerns with an objective 3rd party

  • Inspiration to try new ways of thinking

private sessions

Sessions are 50 minutes in length and allow both therapist and client to actively work together in a focused manner. Initial Sessions are intended to allow you to become acquainted and comfortable. Current concerns are discussed and desired goals are set for future sessions. An established working alliance is important as this will allow you to trust your therapist and become motivated to work towards your goals. Each treatment plans is catered to you and will follow your unique path.

Subsequent sessions will delve further into your progress towards your goals. Although goals are set at the beginning and create a backbone for the treatment plan, they can also be dynamic and grow with you. Sessions are intended to help you change at your own pace in the most comfortable way possible.


  • $160 / 50 min session


There is potential for future workshops and will be announced soon. If there is a subject matter you would like to see presented or discussed, please feel free to contact our therapist.


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