RESET Wellness

Launched in the summer of 2015 with the dream of providing a unique, whole-body health renewal centre that also serves as a place for learning for clients come to the place of appreciation, discovery and understanding of themselves and their management of their lives. At Reset Wellness, treatments are not just physical – they’re personal. We assist clients to develop individual, whole-body treatment plans that suit their life, needs and goals. We want clients stronger, fitter and more flexible than ever before. 

Our Mission

Reset Wellness strives to become the standard for whole-body health renewal, creating a personal experience with effective changes for living better. Connecting clients with incredible practitioners and clinics around Edmonton, we are proponents of integrating care from a team a specialists. We treat our clients with commitment and respect to see them through to their goals, helping them understand the narrative of their body and health. We want to set the standard for integrative and client-centered care. 

Our Vision

To provide a supportive health care clinic and complete, whole-body health care to Edmonton's citizens and inspire others to do the same. To be known city-wide for providing the most effective, compassionate and considerate client-centered care. To collaborate efforts with other allied health care professionals and clinics across the city and province. To help our clients learn about their body and renew their appreciation for it.

Our Team

  • Massage Therapists: Lloyd Chung, Tristen Threefingers, Brad Ballard

  • Acupuncturist: Esther Suh-Ha Lee

  • Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist: Shari Arial

  • Corrective Yoga Teacher: April Dawn Kosinski

  • Pre/Post Natal Yoga Teacher: Asha Thomas

  • Psychologist: Around the Corner Counselling

  • Alexander Technique Teacher: Holly Cinnamon

Biographies: Meet our Team