Sprained Ankle from a Slip? Here's How To Wrap It


The way you wrap a sprained ankle is really important. We found some general how-to website to be missing a few key points: make sure the ankle and foot are in a neutral position for wrapping (90°). Start the wrap process with the bandage tape or stretchy tensor bandage over the upper ankle first and direct the roll toward the inside of the upper ankle, wrap this area a couple of times - this is your anchor. Then proceed to wrap in a figure 8 motion starting toward the inner foot first. We found a great picture-guide that demonstrates this method well, link below.

Be sure to rest, elevate and ice the sprained ankle to reduce further aggravation. You’ll want to check if you ankle has a fracture, too. You can do this on your own, but we recommend seeing a healthcare professional, like a GP.

Inflammation will commence almost immediately, most certainly in a few hours, sometimes accompanied by bruising. You may receive treatments like massage therapy or manual osteopathy to assist in reducing inflammation and reduce strain on other muscles groups in the lower leg and all the way up the limb to the hip. You may seek treatment as early as a few days after the initial injury. We recommend seeing our specialists:

  • Lloyd Chung

  • Brad Ballard

  • Tristen Threefingers

  • Rowana Quirante

Sprained ankles can take anywhere from a week to a month or more to heal, depending in the severity. Be sure to to seek the diagnosis from your medical doctor and a phsyiotherapist as part of your treatment plan.