How Can Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Help You?

By Shari Arial

We all have an internal guiding compass, something inside us that truly knows what we want and need in our lives.

Well, what does that mean exactly?

Think of intuition, emotion and sickness as salesmen at your front door.

First intuition knocks ever so sweetly but you are in the kitchen busily doing your list of things to do.  You pause because you think you heard something, but don’t give it a second thought. It eventually goes away.

Then comes emotion. It knocks a little louder and this time you peek through the blinds to see who is there. You still don’t answer but you know emotion is out there, and you feel as if it knows you are there. It lingers on your doorstep.

Finally, sickness comes to your house. It does not knock or wait for an invitation. It kicks down your door, steps into your foyer and yells, “Honey I am home”!!!

Have you had this happen to you– where you know something is going on but either can’t tune into it or are unsure of what it means? We all have an internal guiding compass, something inside us that truly knows what we want and need in our lives. The trouble is that sometimes we become so overwhelmed by our lives that we don’t feel we have the time to slow down and tune in. It is when we completely ignore our body’s wisdom that sickness steps into our lives and that’s when we usually become aware of something needing to change.

But what if there was a way to tap into that intuition– that ever so subtle knock at the door?

A Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session gives you the opportunity to explore what is happening in you in the present moment, to get quiet and listen. Thoughts, emotions, sensations, images, LIFE, are all stored in the body and can cause physical or emotional pain. A Phoenix Rising session uses supported yoga postures and yogic techniques along with a dialogue process that is self-directed. Imagine restoring your body for an hour in a supportive environment where you can reflect on your own wisdom and what you truly need, and bring that awareness into your life. And the best part is no yoga experience is required.

Change happens when you open the door to the salesmen and acknowledge that they are, in fact, standing on your doorstep and consider what they have to sell you today.

“So often we run from our uncomfortable situations and never allow them to teach us.” ~ Michael Lee, Founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy