YING & YANG Myofascial Yoga - Live Mindfully

Why is stretching so good for you? For starters it improves your range of motion! It also has an impact on the quality of your life! Isn't that novel? Improving your flexibility unleashes your potential of knowing, feeling and moving your body, putting the power of improving your quality of life & health back in to your hands, living mindfully!

Coming up with only 4 spots remaining is a yoga series specialized to guide you through postures that move your body in to a place of balance. With special attention paid to subtle movements and flow, our YING & YANG Myofascial 6 week Yoga Series will safely and gradually unlock movement limitations, helping you connect your mind to your body and equipping you with knowledge of how to make yourself feel better. YING & YANG yoga is a gentle and restorative form for regaining flexibility in both body and mind. By moving your body outside of it's normal range you are in turn stimulating your mind (nervous system) to do the same, being able to adapt and cope with the stresses of life better. Feel the difference in your body after 6 weeks, and feel better 'in your skin'.

#moveintobetterhealth STARTING THIS THURSDAY.

Pre-Registration Only. Thursdays at 7:45pm for 6 weeks, $95.85

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