Bringing the 'whole body' in to health care!

RESET Wellness began as a concept to be much more than a revolving door center. We want to create an environment where our clients continuously feel supported, welcomed, listened to, and safe while experiencing our diverse and connected therapies. We have a team of multi-disciplined clinicians to provide you with health care for your entire body, mind, and spirit, working together to get you out of pain, and living your life fully.

The beautiful thing about RESET Wellness is we are more than a health and wellness center. We are an education center where you can learn about your body and symptoms through our knowledgeable staff, workshops, classes, and retreats, creating a space for easy access to a plethora of experts. If we do not know the answer to your question, we are equipped to connect you with those experts around the city who can.

And just like you - we have personally dealt with pain - the aches, the frustration, the chronic symptoms, but hrough our passion to learn and develop specialties, we made the connections for uncovering the physical patterns of pain. Because these sort of things don't 'just happen', or aren't because 'you're getting older'. We continue to work hard to improve our knowledge and techniques, offering our services to a wide array of clientele - from infants to seniors - teaching you about your body a little bit at a time.

Have you ever felt the need for a group-effort to attain a result? Our team has grown exponentially! We want to share with you therapies like Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Private Hatha Yoga Instruction and Group classes, Massage Therapy, Rolfing, Manual Osteopathy, Cranial Sacral, Reflex Integration Therapy, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kinesiology, Reflexology, and Myofascial Release/Vacuum & Glass Cupping - this is whole-body health care. Be comfortable as an active participant and learner in your process with RESET Wellness by your side - we want you to feel confident in your HEALTH CARE TEAM.

*To access any of these therapies book your appointment online, or take advantage of the complimentary 30 min. consultation appointment to find out which therapy is best for you to start on. Give us a call 780 756 5265, or email us contact (at) if you have any questions.

Be empowered to make a difference in yourself.

Reset Wellness Team

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